September 2011

Once again, I find myself writing this update on an airplane. I wonder if I'm inspired by high altitudes or simply because I'm quite often on flights.
Either way, another year has past, and other exciting things have been happening.
Touring with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons has been pretty steady and this past year has taken us to Australia. It was my first time, and it was awesome!! Definitely looking forward to get back "down under".
Amberside is now on line at and  we finally released an EP.
Other than being the Writer and Guitar player, I  produced all of the songs and did some mixing as well.
We are all really proud of this debut album, so make sure you stop by our website and check it out. You can find "Amberside" on all major online distributors:  iTunes, cd baby etc...
We've played many shows in the LA area and plan to bring it to you!!  So join our mailing list on facebook and our website at
Also, I have a new band that has been the talk of the town. LA DOLCE VITA is Italian covers from the 60's! Oh yes, I'm going back to my roots!(lol)
We are LA's only  Italian blast from the past. So, if you hear about our gig, we expect to see you there!!!
More writing, recording and playing is always ahead, so stay tuned.
Ciao Robbie

June 2010

Hey guys this past 2009 /2010 have been the busiest time of my life, and I'm totally grateful!
Although I do apologize for such a late "news update".

In summer of 2009, I had the pleasure to work and play with some great artists: american idols Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell some really awesome singers ; with with my buddy Mc Rai we rocked the Grand central festival in downtown Los Angeles, and Denise Stefanie is a Latino young and talented artist that had her cd debut at Universal Studios always in Los Angeles.

My church band Living Hope has finally its own theatre and I encourage everybody to come every sunday at 10am in San Fernando at 214 N Maclay Ave.

But for the majority of the year I have been on the road with Frankie Valli and I had a blast!!!
I saw the real "America" going in places like Lichfield, Illinois, or Minot, North Dakota!!! Places that i didn't even know actually existed! :)
We still have some dates, so, if you are in US or Canada make sure you give a look at his schedule, we may be closer than what you think!

The 20th of august 2010 I'll be also playing in Denver , Colorado with Sexy, beautiful and super talented saxophonist Mindi Abair. She is great so I'll be looking forward to it.

My friend Amana finished her second record and included me on the personal playing guitar along side people like Vinnie Colaiuta and John Beasly.

During the Namm show this January I demoed TH1 Overloud, for the second year in a row and I have to say, those guys rock!! We had great responses and awesome reviews.

The most important news is about my band AMBERSIDE. We wrote and recorded 11 killer tracks that we are now into the mixing process.
My friend Concezio is taking care of the website and pretty soon you can go see what's going on at
is gonna be a one of kind website and you gonna see what's happening in real time!!

Other then that Im gonna be tracking my second solo album as promised, and hopefully it will see the light of the day before the end of the year also!

Boys and Girls

I just Came back from a tour with Frankie Valli in florida and I had a blast!
He is such a legend and playing those guitar parts is so fun!
The band is awesome and I made new friends, the show is really cool, and seems that he is gonna be on a constant tour thru the all year all over the states, so maybe we'll swing by to a city close to yours!

Anyway it has been a while from the last update and of course a lot of things happened, and this was one of them.
I also played the Steve Harvey morning show in Atlanta, with the amazing and super talented Wayne Brady.
He has a record out that was also nominated at the Grammy!

oh, speaking of Grammy's!!! My friend Jako he is one of the finalist for the lincoln MKS video director contest and they played his commercial at the grammy, and I was one of the actors in it!!!
what a trip!
check it out at
Also During the NAMM show I endorsed and played demo for a modeling amp company from Italy, Overloud, they are great
so go check them out at
Now the serious stuff:
AMBERSIDE had a great show in december playing Molly Malone's in Hollywood with fellow bands Population Game and Pedestrian.
Since then we locked ourselves in the studio writing and recording new material, and by the end of this week we'll update our myspace page with new music , just to give you a little taste of what we have been doing!!!
;-) uhuhuhuhuhu, I'm excited!!!

also my Solo record is just about to be recorded...keep you posted!!!!


Hey everybody, we are in the middle of a beautiful summer and hope everybody is good.
I’m writing you from a plane flying back to my home in LA, from Washington DC, were I just played a show with legendary drummer Danny Seraphine from the band Chicago! Oh yes, Danny has his own band now, called CTA (California Transit Authority) and is revisiting a bunch of old songs from the Chicago era in a rock fusion approach, I’m playing all the horn lines and sometimes the melodies too! What a treat and honor is to play such a great music, and I can solo!!!!…..a LOT !!ahhaah.
But the best part, is the audience that loves it all the time, and understands and appreciate the new sound!
We are going to play few more shows in Phoenix and Vegas in the next weeks, so go check out for more info.

I also played a show in Burbank last week with amazing singer: Taylor Dayne, and let me tell you that girl can still sing! She is a great singer, and the band is great, I met some new friends, and great musicians.

Oscar Cartaya and the “collective eclective”, performed again at LaVelee in Studio City, and Jamie Jones and Delious from “ALL 4 ONE” come down and jam a couple of song with us. Oscar is about to release a new album, so stay tuned for that one too!!!

Speaking about the rest of the world: in July I’ve been in Morocco and Lithuania touring with World Music artist MC Rai, it was awesome, both of those places were lovely and we always played for big crowds, that loved it. Other than simply playing gigs, I enjoyed seeing local musicians making music. Sometimes you forget that there are other culture far from the Western Music, but full of musical heritage. I experienced that in first person. Being a north African country Morocco has rhythms coming from Africa and Melodies from the middle east…what an awesome experience! I also had the chance to stop by to Italy for few days and say hi to my mom and dad ;-), that was really cool.

Amberside finally had his first show, and was great, we are really gearing up, and getting ready to do a LOT of music, and , on September 3rd will be showcasing at the Cat Club in Hollywood, so if you are in the area please don’t miss it.

Dimarzio sent me some pick ups that I’m gonna put on my black Strat and I’m using this Mercury Head from Brunetti all the time lately, representing Italy here!!!

My new record as I told you is in the process of been written and recorded, and his gonna feature a bunch great musicians, from all over the WORLD, but especially friends, and some cool compositions, that are gonna be in a variety of styles, I’ll keep you posted, and until the next time,

ciao Robbie.


Hey folks, Happy New Year!

Another year is gone, and I wish to all of you a prosperous and joyful 2008. I'm personally looking forward to it and wish for another full and satisfying year!
For me, these past months have been really exciting: I've performed all kinds of musical styles with all sort of different artists all over the US!

First of all, I played few shows with Jupiter Rising, a great RnB band. If you guys haven't see them yet, make sure you do (Jan 15th @ Viper Room). The energy they have on stage is awesome!

NOUSH SKAUGEN, a great pop rock artist from England, had a great year and she won Best Alternative Artist at the Los Angeles Music Awards. We performed two shows: one at the Whisky and one at the Music Box Theatre. The second was taped and I'll be uploading it to my media section soon so you can watch it there.

I'm now playing with two other cool "chick singers": Krissi Moses and Anouska De Gregoriu. I'll try to update my myspace calendar for further info, but make sure you go on to their myspace to check the music out ;-)

I also played a gig with Latin Grammy Winner and flute sensation Nestor Torres. We played at Spaghettini in Seal Beach which is a very popular smooth jazz club, that was fun too.

A couple times I played at the famous LA jazz club LaValee. This was with my friend Oscar Cartaya, a great artist and an amazing bass player, and few members of our gospel church team.
Both of those gigs were on fire!! We cooked those ones with Oscar's songs, full of Odd meters, latin rhythms and deep grooves: fun, fun, fun!!!! Make sure you don't miss it next time!

I'm very proud to say that this band offered to perform a special show at the Children Hospital of Hollywood during Christmas time. We raised toys for the kids too, it was awesome! This reminded me what music is really ABOUT: giving, enjoying and being greatful for having such gift!

In the studio I've been busy in Production: I produced and co-wrote a song for Noush called Higher, I recorded and produced a track for a few new artists, and AMBERSIDE is finishing recording new tracks; some new stuff is already on myspace, go check it out, add yourself as a friend, etc..!!

The NAMM show is very close and I'm gonna be endorsing this great Italian Company Brunetti Amplification, if you are going to attend the show, make sure you stop by at booth 2528 and say HI.

Last but not the least, this year I'm going to write a new SOLO record, hopefully I will be finished by March or April. It's gonna be good!!!
Stay Tuned!


Hey everybody, is the 9th of July, and these past months have been pretty busy and exciting!

I just finished performing/taping for a couple of TV shows with a great singer songwriter: CRISANTES. Very good pop/rock in Spanish, with slammin’ band, check out his myspace page!
I will upload sometime soon some of the videos taken from those dates, in my multi media section.
At the end of May and beginning of June, I did some shows with my friend Luca and BENETH THE UNDERDOG. This is almost an experimental project; the music fuses pop, electronica and trip hop, and other than just playing guitar, I also do some guitar looping; triggering tracks from a Macbookpro and play some synth!!!! So it turns out, a very interesting show, make sure you check BTU page too.
In a couple of those dates, we shared the stage with another amazing electronica/trip hop artist from New York, by the name of COSTANZA. She is like a female version of Tricky from Massive Attack…very cool!
Probably in November we are going to tour together the west coast again: this time from the state of Washington down to ……Mexico!! Baby! So stay tuned!!
NOUSH SKAUGEN is another great singer songwriter; I‘ve been performing with, this month. We did an intimate acoustic showcase at The Mint, but we are also playing for her Los Angeles Music Awards nomination the 18th of July at the Palmer Room, and we are going to play the XFEST in Modesto California the 21st of the month, so if you are in the area, please come by!
Speaking of Northern California, I had the pleasure to play in Oakland at the end of June with an amazing Band: JUPITER RISING.
The music is hip-hop with some rock and funk influences that can knock your socks off!!! Great musicians, beat boxers, and singers; we opened for LAUREN HILL, and, the very next day we also played in LA, were they have a great following, and it was a blast!
I’m playing with them, the 20th of July at The Troubadour!! So if you can come by!
Between all of those gigs; me, Casey and Bjorn are getting down and dirty, writing and recording new stuff for AMBERSIDE…It’s Awesome!!!!!!
Make sure you go to our myspace page from time to time, and give a listen to the new tracks as soon I’ will put‘em up.
Also as a reminder the 29 of July at the Mint I’m playing with DAVID KIDD, with AMANA the 3rd of August in Pasadena “under the stars!” and the 11th with BULLET SAGE at the Troubadour, don’t miss it!!!
But to see all of the dates check my Myspace Page
All the best


Hey everybody

Thanks to my buddy Concezio, my new website is up and running as you can see!!!
It took a little while, but it was all well worthy.

Lots of news , but why wasting them all in the first blog!

I promise, I’ll regularly update this News section…this time for real!!!;-D

They are been crazy times lately, all good stuff, but crazy.

I’m working with few artist, some of them are featured on my PROJECTS section, so make sure you go there and check them out, to mention:

With Amana Melome’, we finished our Whole Food Showcase!!

Well yes !!!Whole Food is distributing her album INDIGO RED, and we played a bunch of acoustic shows, all over Southern California, to promote, it was fun!

We are going to have a cool full band showcase at the Pasadena CONCERT UNDER THE STAR August 3rd.

Don’t Miss it.

I recorded guitars on David Kidd new record Head on Fire, that is gonna be released soon, we’ are going to play a CD release party and some shows very soon, so , I’ll keep you posted.

I’m working on new track with Amberside ,

And we are getting ready to play some shows too!!!! DATES TBA!!!

Check my MYSPACE PAGE, because all my gigs are usually listed there.

I also recorded guitars for the TV show SEARCH FOR THE NEXT PUSSYCAT DOLLS, that is ON right now on the CW network.

The super talented John Beasley is the musical director , check it out.

That’s all for now!

Ciao Robbie